I am Sabi, your food blogger, and mummy on maternity leave. I have been flirting with the idea of having my own blog for a while and my dream came true with my little baby Emily Hana.

I am a teacher of English and French, I am keen on traveling and love everything that is connected with art and delicious food. It was my husband who helped me to create this unique blog and with whom I share my passion for food.

I would love to share with you my recipes that are prepared at home by using delicious, fresh and BIO ingredients. I hold the view that homemade food is better than food which is bought. I couldn’t be more elated to see my buttercup Emily to eat the homemade food which is prepared with love.

Sabi & Emily Hana
Sabi & Emily Hana

In my blog, you are gonna find not only delicious and healthy food but also my tips, comments and first reaction my little love Emily Hana.


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