Apple puree for babies in a digital steamer

Apple puree is simply a gem between baby recipes and babies just wolves it down. After the banana, it was our next choice. I have to tell you a secret, apple recipe was such a success that I almost forgot about previous baby puree. I am often dipping my own spoon in Emily’s food, taking a bite… so I do recommend to make more of this delicious puree ahead.

Apple purree for babies
Apple puree for babies and toddlers
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Note: The apple is rich in vitamin C. It helps with inflammations, fevers and last but not least, it digests great, which is a huge plus.


Preparation time:5 minutes
Cook time:15 minutes


  • 1 sweet apple (best from home garden, or from local farmer)
  • 1.5 cups baby water


Peel the skin off, wash thoroughly and cut into pieces. Place apple pieces into the steam cooker (basic pot with steamer, or bamboo steamer), pour infant water and steam for about 15 minutes.

Once the apple is ready, mix it. Make it as smooth as possble, using hand mixer or blender. Once the baby is older, you can mix it less to keep some pieces inside the puree. You can also just grate cooked or even fresh apple.

Once serving, make sure the apple puree is warm, not hot! Baby could burn its tongue, so be really vigilant.

Tip: Add more water to the steamer (already calculated in ingredients) and once the apple is properly cooked, pour the juice (fresh apple juice was dripping down) into your baby’s favorite bottle.

This way you have great food and also sweet natural beverage without additional sugar (only fructose), This is great drink if your baby does not like to drink from the bottle, this might help satisfy its taste.

For extra flavor add a small amount of mixed apple to the apple water for a baby smoothie.

Apple puree, the best fruit ever?

The apple leads from all baby meals so far. Emily even loves it more than a banana, which was surprising to me because most children love the banana.

Apple puree for babies
Apple puree for babies and toddlers
Photo: © Bargl M., for /

Anyway, Emily is on a rampage every time we eat lately. As I mentioned before, she has to eat while having a lot of movement and fun. Even she is able to sit starting from her 6th month, she crawls during the feeding time, climbs on me and my husband, growls, and yells. Also, she is doing bridges.

So, we bought a playpen for children and it saved us a lot of trouble,… but this did not solve issues with feeding circus.

Edit (9 months): Emily still loves the apple puree the most, maybe it is the same happiness as papaya puree for babies, which she loves.

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