Coconut milk – not milk at all

Coconut milk is simply the best, very smooth and tasty. It makes you feel like chillin’ on a beach, sipping a coconut and enjoying the sun. You can drink this milk or use it in several recipes for babies, toddlers and even for adults. My husband loves it in his coffee and I love to use it baking a cake.

Homemade coconut milk
Home-made milk from a coconut
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Preparation time:5 minutes
Cook time:15 minutes
Portions:3 cups


  • 2 cups coconut (fresh or dried, grated)
  • 4 cups baby water


Boil baby water and let it cool down a little bit, until lukewarm water. Put the water and coconut into a blender and blend for 3 minutes until cream is over the milk.

Pass the milk through fine strainer. Now do it once again using a cloth, collect the cream.

Use within 2 days.

Dried coconut meat and cream can be used for baking a tasty coconut cake, I will write a recipe soon.

Tip: The milk is amazing served cold. Blend it with a few raspberries and the taste will become magical.

Homemade coconut milk
Coconut water for kids
Photo: © Bargl M., for /

Coconut milk and Emily?

The milk itself is good, but she drank just a little. It is better to use it combined with other ingredients like a banana. She loves these coconut combinations.

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