Banana puree for babies and toddlers – how to make it

Banana puree for babies and toddlers – this recipe is so simple and tasty I want to share our experience. Everyone knows it and it takes just a minute to prepare.

Banana purree for babies
Banana puree for babies and toddlers
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Emily tasted the banana, it was her first fruit which is why I want to share it here. I chose banana as the first fruit for babies because it is literally stuffed with vitamins B (B6, B1, B2), C and E. Moreover it contains folic acid, which is great for pregnant women.

If you are starting with a banana, just squeeze half of this delicacy and gradually add more. Your little prince or princess may not eat much for the first time, it is better to prepare a new fresh portion again in case your baby wants to eat more banana. This is because a peeled banana tends to ripen quickly and gets brown.

Tip: Banana is the perfect choice for your baby’s sore belly, because it helps prevent constipation, which is a common problem for small babies when introducing first baby foods.


Preparation time:2 minutes
Cook time:


  • 1 ripe banana (with brown dots)


Peel the banana. Take a half of the peeled banana and store the other half into the fridge. Or you can eat it yourself. Use fork to crush the banana into the finest puree and serve immediatelly.

Banana is not worth freezing or stored crushed puree in the refrigerator. The best banana is really fresh banana, and it takes a minute, so it’s the perfect meal to satisfy your baby’s appetite when the baby wants to eat something right now.

How tasty for banana puree?

Banana purree for babies
Banana puree for babies
Photo: © Bargl M., for /

Emily ate only a quarter of the banana, then she resisted to eat more. But I was very amused by the sounds she made, she was growling at me all the time, but she was still going for another and another teaspoon of the puree (a quarter of banana is still a lot for little baby, banana is quire rich).

The growling sound stuck as a habit during feeding time when Emily enjoys her food. We make a fun of her since it sounds like she threatens us to feed her more and faster.

I made a few banana puree combinations, which you can find on the blog. In addition, you can look forward to my top recipe, where the banana is in the lead. I can’t wait to share it with you.

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