Beef broth for infants

As time flies, my little bumblebee had the opportunity to taste her first broth. Beef, veal, rabbit or chicken broth is a great choice for first infant broth. We chose the beef and cooked a high-quality beef broth.

Beef stock for babies with fresh vegetable
Beef stock for babies with fresh vegetable
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Preparation time:20 minutes
Cook time:30 minutes (4 hours)


  • 7oz beef brisket cross cut
  • 3pcs carrot
  • 2pcs parsley
  • 1pc celery stick
  • 1pc small onion
  • 2pcs bay leaves
  • 2 balls of allspice
  • a pinch of cumin
  • a little pinch of salt
  • 1.5l baby water


Peel the root vegetables and cut into larger pieces. Put it in pressure or classic pot, add bay leaf, allspice, washed meat, salt, and pepper. We use just a very little pinch of salt for infant broth to keep it healthy for the baby. Pour everything in baby water and cook for 30 minutes in a pressure cooker, 3-4 hours in a common pot.

Read more about how to cook using a different type of pot. Strain the ready soup through the strainer and serve. You can also use the cooked carrot and put it back to the strained stock. Crush the carrot into the soup or blend a piece of the meat.

Beef stock for babies
Beef stock for babies
Photo: © Bargl M., for /

The beef broth in a pressure cooker

pressure cooker is the best choice to give your child a strong and tasty broth of any kind. The pressure cooker was invented by French physicist Denis Papin and it is the best choice. Due to increased temperature, all smells and tastes are extracted from the ingredients more properly in just 30 minutes.

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Beef broth in regular pot

When you decide to use a regular pot or you do not have a pressure cooker by hand, it is best to cook as your grandma cooked. Place the pot over a hot cooking plate and bring the soup to boil. Let the soup simmer for at least 3 hours.

If you want to cook in a regular pot, do not like or do not like to cook it, it is best to do it as our grandmothers do. Place the pot on a hot plate and bring it to a boil. Now he does not want to bubble the soup for at least 3 hours.

While cooking a crust from coagulating protein will appear. Use a perforated spoon to remove it in order to keep the broth clear.

Cooking time: 3 – 4 hours

You can serve the finished broth in your favorite bottle, or you can feed the soup to your baby with a spoon. I chose the bottle so that my little girl does not try to wrestle over who will be the master of the spoon.

Be advised. Do not serve hot broth to your child. Keep the rest of the broth to cool down and store it in the freezer. Also, do not forget to store the next day portion in the fridge. You can store the broth in the ice cube silicon trails with a cover.

Beef stock for babies
Beef stock for babies
Photo: © Bargl M., for /

If you want to enjoy the broth too, simply split it and adjust the taste to match your palette according to your taste. Just a pinch of salt, pepper, parsley and soup noodles might be enough.

TIP: Be careful to no scald yourself with a hot steam while using a pressure cooker. Do not open the pot until all the pressure is released. You can let the pot run out and cool down. You can also speed up the process. Put the pot into the sink and use cold water to release the preasure quickly. You can open the pot lid in a few seconds once the steam is released.

Do not apply the cold water directly onto the evaporator valve, but directly onto the metal lid body. Do not use this method with electric pressure cookers.

How did Emily liked beef broth?

Emily ate the broth in one bite. I was amazed she ate the broth right before going to sleep. I thought she was tired and sleepy, but bringing up the soup, she seemed awake and always hungry. After eating the broth, she was awake until midnight, experiencing laugh outbursts. I am not sure whether these 2 things are connected or not.

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