Carrot puree for babies

Finally, my sweet princess tastes her first food – carrot. After my breast milk is this carrot the first solid food. I wanted to let her taste avocado as the first fruit but carrot just won my heart.

My husband bought me some carrots in bio quality. Let me tell you that the best carrot is the one with stalk, she was so sweet and delicious. I wasn’t sure about Emily and her first reaction about carrot so I wanted to be sure that everything would be perfect. I am about to share with you this delicious recipe but first, I would love to tell you some of my tips about preparation.

Baby carrot recipes for babies and toddlers
Baby carrot recipes for babies and toddlers
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Preparation of the ingredients

The best thing you can do is to steam carrot with baby water. You don’t need to buy a steaming pot, a simple steamer will perfectly serve you. The carrot should be cut on little pieces and steamed at least 30 minutes. It is great to prepare more carrots to have more portions for the next days – it helps you a lot when you don’t have time to spare (let’s be honest, with little baby, you don’t have time). Watch the level of water in the pot to not having your carrot burnt.

Baby carrot
Baby carrot
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As I said, I use baby water, it’s much better than „normal water“. Why? Just try to surf on the Internet or wait for my article about baby water.

Let’s mix it up

After having my carrot prepared, I added just a little bit of my breast milk and a ts of rapeseed oil and I blend it by my Bamix blender. As my puree was still solid, I added some water from the pot – the texture should be nice and creamy. Maybe you are worried about breast milk, please, don’t be, it’s not necessary to use it. You can use Sunar or skip it. You don’t need to follow every step of the recipe, just enjoy it and prepare it by your and your baby‘s preferences.

Rapeseed oil and breast milk

Rapeseed oil cold-pressed was my first choice and I don’t regret it at all. It is upon you if you go for animal products (butter) or vegetable fat. I wanted to start with vegetable fat because it is better for digestion and in the future, it can positively affect the heart and blood vessels of our little babies.

Rapeseed oil and breast milk baby recipes
Rapeseed oil and breast milk baby recipes
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On one hand, rapeseed oil is allergenic but on the other hand, it’s so recommended for babies. At first, I was so confused but finally, I decided to try it and it was so yummy and smooth. Don’t worry and follow your feelings.

How to store your carrot puree?

I divided 4 portions and put those into the vessels of Béaba and Babymoov. They are so great! You can use them to microwave or freeze food.

Beware of expiration date. Eat the food in 3 months since freezing it. When you defrost baby food, just keep in in the fridge to slowly defrost.


Preparation time:10 min
Cook time:45 min


  • 5 mid-sized carrots
  • baby water
  • 2 tbsp rapeseed oil
  • breast milk (artificial milk)


Steam the pieces of cutted carrot for 30 to 40 minutes and use baby water to sour. Mix the steamed carrot with a stick blender. For smooth consistency add more baby water from the pot. At last add rapeseed oil and breast milk, mix it one more time and server.

If this is a first recipe, I recommend to use smaller portions. Just keep 3 tea spoons of carrot puree and freeze the rest. It is a good habit to keep some food for tomorrow. Do not served previously eaten food to baby.

How did Emily like her first meal?

Emily had a problem to swallow the food. She spat and choked on the food, but she is an actress. It is better to add more water or breast milk and make the food smoother. The second batch was better, she ate a few spoons, so it was a great success.

Home made baby carrot purree
Homemade baby carrot puree
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Tip: It is better to use small plastic spoons and start with a small bites.

In conclusion, I have to say the puree was great, my husband loved it. This food is great for a while family.

Emily Hana eating carrot purree
Emily Hana eating carrot purree
Photo: © Bargl M., for /
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