Mango puree – tickle your kids taste buds

Mango puree is a basic baby food recipe from category simple recipes for babies, toddlers, and kids. This recipe is so simple your little princess or little prince will love it and dig upon the bowl is empty.

Emily eats mango very often and I love to come up with different options on how to cook mango. This simple recipe is amazing for first tasting, the sweet flavor and fragrance from a ripe mango is super yummy, almost divine. If I have already lured you on this goodness, read more about this super exotic delicacy and its effects.

Mango recipes for babies, toddlers and mommy
Mango recipes for babies, toddlers and mommy
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Note: Mango is more than sweet and fragrant fruit. It has many important vitamins, mostly vitamin A, B, C and E. It contains potassium and other super vitamins.

The most important feature of mango, it helps with skin problems and improves sight. This is not well-known in Europe. Ever since we are small kids, our parents have saying: “Eat the carrot, you will have sight like a lynx.” (I am curious, does lynx like a carrot? What do you think?)

Let’s try it differently: “Eat your mango, you will have a sight like a lorikeet and you will never close your mouth – unless the bowl is empty.” To be clear, lorikeets love mango.


Preparation time:3 minutes
Cook time:


  • 1 ripe mango


Get the mango pulp make by cutting the mango in half. Lead the knife in the middle around the mango seed. This seed is useless for us at the moment, but you can keep it and check the end of this article.

Once the mango is sliced in half, take a table spoon and hollow out the mango flesh. Use a fork or blender to make a puree and serve right away. You can store the puree 1 day in the fridge or for 3 months in freezer.

Note: Mango is a tropical fruit, I suggest to wait until the 6 months of baby’s age. At first try just a few bites and wait a bit for alergic reaction.

Mango puree and Emily Hana

A huge success! My little princess is now able to chew small pieces of mango and she really enjoys it. I can say mango in any form is a certain bet and wins Emily’s hearth. I love my little girl and her facial expressions she makes every time she sees the bowl with food. Every time there is mango in the bowl, she is extremely happy.

I would love to hear from you in case your baby loves mango so be brave and bold and write a comment on Facebook. You can also check more baby recipes with mango.

Mango seed?

To my surprise, I found out that a mango seed can be used in several ways, if it makes sense or not, judge for yourself.

In the Caribbean and other remote corners of the world, they use this seed as a natural teether for babies and toddlers. People in these locations cook with mango and let the kids play with the seed. Biting the seed soothes the tooth and gum ache. BAM!!! Kids love it and they love the sweetness and fragrance of the remaining mango pulp stuck to the seed.

Another option is for mothers or fathers only. In Mexico, they put the seed into food for extra flavor. While cooking the seed releases additional flavor and the remaining mango pulp is softened and peels of the seed.

Another option is to soak the mango seed into alcohol, mostly used with vodka in cocktails. Just simmer the seed into vodka for 24 hours. But this is not a baby recipe and I am mentioning this just out of curiosity. Mommy should not be drinking!

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