Sweet pea puree

I have another amazing recipe you can mix in a minute. Your baby will love it and so will you. My little “princess and the pea” is eating a carrot for 4 days and I think it is the best time for a change – sweet pea puree.

Sweet pea baby purree recipes
Sweet pea baby purree recipes
Photo: © Bargl M., for lileater.com / lileater.cz

I mentioned the 4 days on purpose. Baby needs to get used to a new taste and accept it, in order to broaden the taste pallet. It is not a good practice to force trying and mixing different vegetables for the first baby meal. Let the baby get used to the new taste.

The digestive system of babies tends to be very sensitive. Every new food is a challenge and if you try to combine food or switch different ingredients too quickly, it can result in digestive issues like diarrhea or constipation. As you can guess, this could be really troublesome for your new family member who is unable to help itself or tell you what is wrong.

Tip: My little girl gets probiotics every day. Ever since she was born she had a sore tummy so the probiotics became very useful.

My husband wanted to make me happy and he bought me a Swiss hand blender from Bamix, Jamie Oliver’s edition. This edition also includes a small chopper for spices or small portions of blended food.

The hand blender is amazing, it is quiet and mixes everything smoothly in a moment. The price is higher and I admit it is expensive, but any cheaper version will do. Also, you can use a classic blender, but it might be necessary to use more ingredients and prepare more portions.

Pea baby purree recipes
Pea baby purree recipes
Photo: © Bargl M., for lileater.com / lileater.cz


Preparation time:5 minut
Cook time:30 minut


  • 1 cup of sweet pea (fresh is always best, frozen is fine)
  • 1 oz baby water
  • 2 tsp rapeseed oil
  • breast milk or baby milk formula


Steam the sweet pea for 30 minutes and put the steamed pea into the bowl (I use a liter measuring cup whih is great to blend and whip food). Add a bit of water condensed from steaming the sweet pea, add the rapeseed oil and a little bit of breast milk.

Use hand blender to blend everything properly until it has a smooth texture. Puree might contain small bits of pea and peel, but it is fine. In case you want to get rid of the peel, you can press the puree through strainer or cloth.

Serve the puree immediately. Store the rest into the freezer and keep a portion for the next day in the fridge.

How did we like sweet pea puree?

My little girl had problems with tiny bits in the puree since the pea did not mix properly and it was not very smooth. I put aside the spoon and used my washed finger to feed her. This was much easier for her and she ate a few bites. Overall she ate just a little of the puree.

What to do with extra puree?

The best option is to eat everything fresh and mix just the amount the baby can and will eat. Let’s be honest, this is just a utopia. Baby eats as much as the baby wants and you have no idea how much that will be.

So, the best option is to place the remaining food to freezer boxes. You can also put 1 box into the fridge, but you should consume the food from the fridge in 1 day.

I recommend buying freezer boxes that are designated to store food in the freezer and are labeled as for children (BPA-free). At the beginning use the size 3 – 6 oz.

Use these boxes to store 1-day meals and properly close the boxes. Write down the date and food name on the box and freeze it. Frozen baby puree should be consumed in 3 months since it was frozen.

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