Cookies are small data objects that are sent by our servers to your computer and helps our servers to better utilize optimizations of our content to your needs.

Cookies, which are small data sent by our server helps to better focus our content on your habits and needs.

Cookies are used by almost every website all over the world. Cookies enhance the user experience for repeatedly accessed websites, thus it is very useful. When you use the same internet browser and the same computer, cookies help your computer to store visited websites and load it faster.

Through our website, cookie files of third parties can be saved to your computer. These include advertisement cookies from our partners. Using remarketing services our data are used by Google. We use remarketing data mainly for visitor segmentation in order to focus on the best advertisements for our users. Segments are base on several business patterns.

Common website browsers (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) support cookies management. You are able to manually delete a single cookie, block or permanently forbid the usage of cookies for our website on your computer. For more details use the help integrated into your website browser. Should you have cookies allowed in your browser, we assume you agree with a common cookie usage for our servers.

Cookies on our website are mainly used for technical details, we do not collect collected data with more details and we strictly focus on storing only anonymous data.

We are also using temporary cookies. These are saved info your computer upon the browser is closed. Temporary cookies help us to store information when you go to the next page or search for some data. Permanent cookies help to identify you and improve your user experience. It helps our website to identify your interests and improve your experience.


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